All together ...

New strategic visions!

These visions - not objectives - allow human beings at all levels to find additional resources and to take the right decisions. Changing the horizon, adapting the mindset, sharing skills and best practices, contributing to the success - to gain in quality of life and motivation for all.

How do we consider other companies?
As opponents, competitors, colleagues, partners or allies?

As long as all the stakeholders within an economic group produce high quality, have completely satisfied customers and contribute to an outstanding reputation, all is well.

However, if the quality is merely satisfactory and clients are barely satisfied, the whole industry or service sector will suffer from this bad reputation. It all depends on what level we place the comparison: at the local, regional, national, European or International market level? Healthy competition between the various economic players is a great thing and willingness to compare oneself to the best demonstrates a positive attitude.

But to remain competitive on this international level, only the topmost performance is sufficient. How can we obtain it? With whom and how can we work together? 

Benchmarking and mutual support show a significant opening-up from within the company. Being open to partnerships and alliances between companies is great demonstration of a CEO looking at the bigger picture, as this is the key to creating or uncovering new strategic visions.

Quiz: What are the perceptions of employees? What results do you get ? 

Exchanges, Mutual support, Partnerships, Alliances
1. The available skills / capacities are shared between employees   
2. With heavy workload all available resources engage by themselves   
3. Projects to increase efficiency and improve customer services are negotiated with the external partners   
4. Innovative partnerships are suggested to reinforce branch or regional positioning   
5. To stay competitive future alliances are looked into   
6. The collective result is at the heart of everyone's and every team is concerned