Leading by example

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Michael Jordan, US basketball player


Your managers will sharpen their skills to lead theirs teams to the top. Taking a step back, comparing themselves to the industry-best, defining a road-map, articulating clear messages, looking at the big picture and setting the example to prepare, guide and analyse actions on a daily basis.

Let's dare to lead our companies differently: an evolution is under-way and picking up the pace. We are convinced that the health and well-being of the staff drives better results, fosters increased initiative as well as individual and team engagement.

Tomorrow's company is an enterprise made of autonomous and co-responsable teams united by a collective project in which each individual can engage in, whilst developing his/her full potential. To achieve top results we must step out of our comfort zone and go the "extra mile".

Quiz: What is the perception of employees? What type of results do you achieve?

1. The employees perceive the management team as close-knitted and have an open ear to others. Their actions are coherent   
2. Executives set an example and rally staff around theirs projects   
3. Development of competences is a real concern from everybody   
4. Employees get recognition, understand the value of their contribution to the team and the company and are engaged and motivated   
5. The work atmosphere drives the best possible results. The different generations work well together   
6. Changes are welcomed as an opportunity to stand out