Our work is in the field, in the départements, at work. YES – We are different

Mobilizing collective intelligence

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now!  

Alan Lakein

Your teams will be autonomous and co-responsable, cohesive and unbeatable. Knowing the keys to success as a team, seeking out each and everyone's strengths, defining the way we collaborate, sharing and helping one another, extending each team's room for manoeuvre, seeking complete customer satisfaction in order to translate the company's strategy in field operations.

Lateral co-operation is currently one of the biggest concerns companies face. By having individual goals and "management by excel" have we lost the ability to efficiently collaborate between teams? A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Identifying existing skills and expertise and sharing these with others, is the way to reinforce the company and making it more competitive. Every level can benefit from this, ranging from basic computer software know-how all the way up to high-level strategy expertise.

Quiz: How are the different teams perceived? What results do you achieve?

Team Building / Team Coaching
1. Employees mutually appreciate their differences   
2. The exchange of ideas in teams and between teams is frequent, open and stimulating   
3. Positive and constructive feedback is given at the right time to the appropriate person   
4. Various preferences (typology) are taken into account and complementarity is implemented   
5. Conflicts and mobbing attempts are brought into the open and dealt with   
6. Results speak for themselves and projects are completed as planned