Placing the customer in the centre of the business

It’s a very funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you will often get it.

William Somerset Maugham


Your sales force and all customer facing employees will become the ambassadors of your company. Developing curiosity, striving to understand the issues customers face, finding value-added solutions, promoting the entire range of products and services, defending the margin, maintaining excellent relationships with customers to ensure entire satisfaction.

The customer is in the heart of the business - without customers, there is no business.

Activities which we should never be complacent about are the acquisition of new customers and increasing existing customer loyalty: conceiving and promoting innovative products / services and suggesting to renew customer engagements. Producing the "right" quality means understanding and delivering specifically what the customer is asking and paying for.

Offering services with a competitive price/performance ratio is only the "entrance ticket": the relationship we develop with our customers is what will make a difference.

Quiz: What is the perception of customers ? What results do you get ?

Sales, Customer Relations, After-Sales Service
1. The sales force regularly contacts prospects and organises relational activities   
2. Customers are "extremely" satisfied with products and services   
3. The CRM allows everyone to know on-going projects and client status   
4. Customer service is easily reachable and reacts in a timely manner   
5. All employees are aware of their status as "ambassador" of the company and the customer is at the heart of their concerns